Saturday, November 21, 2009


Join Me in the Journey to Encouragement

When God Says Wait was written for one reason alone by Pastor Darryl Harris. It was written to encourage people to wait on the Lord during times of silence, when your prayers seem to be unanswered by God.

In those times of silence many times God is quietly telling us to wait on Him. Of course this is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are not sure...God, what's going on in my relationship, finances, health, and emotions.

This book explains what you should do during those times. Sometimes God does say Yes to your cries. Sometimes Slow. Sometimes Show. Sometimes Yo...I'm trying to get your attention. Sometimes Go. Sometimes No. But many times those moments of silence is when He is whispering to you Wait on Me!

God wants to build your character, develop your courage, and strengthen your Faith. Waiting on Him is always worth the time, no matter how long you wait.

Encourage someone by purchasing this book and sharing it with them during their time of waiting. As a person with MS, money is not my motive because money can't take a way my MS. I want to finish the Christian race strong by helping, and encouraging others to complete their race with endurance for the Lord's glory.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and bless as many as possible through my church ministry in Cleveland, Abundant Grace Fellowship ( and parachurch ministry, Urban Ambassadors (

Purchasing this book is an investment in the kingdom of God and the lives of people who desperately need encouragement to make it through their difficult time. God has already blessed and encouraged many through this book and I want it to be part of my legacy as a Pastor, Husband, Father, and fellow soldier in this battle to win my race.

You will learn how great God truly is and live each day of your life for His Glory! Join me in the journey and "Experience the Goodness of God" by purchasing When God Says Wait.

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  1. Outstanding book! I am so weary of our culture's (& my) invitation to use God instead of worship Him in difficulty. Your book celebrates a far deeper awareness of God's purposes for our lives, in both highs and lows. This pulls us toward maturity and denial of self. Thanks for your transparency. God's work in your life is powerful.

    I especially liked your emphasis on waiting, and that waiting has purpose. In the past couple years God has convicted me that while I have long believed God's sovereignty, I have not always embraced His sovereignty.

    May your book, just as your life, expand His kingdom and please the King!

    Tom Petersburg NE Ohio Director, Athletes In Action (A division of Campus Crusade for Christ)
    Chaplain for Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland Indians