Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pain of the Tongue

"Stand" by Donnie McClurkin
Gossip is often regarded as a relatively harmless pastime, particularly when compared to wrongs like murder or adultery. Satan has painted talebearing as innocuous, but if we peel away that deception, we see the ugly truth. In the Bible, God lists gossip among the most depraved sins (Romans 1:28-31).
Nothing about gossip is harmless. Whether the talk is intentionally cruel or simply some idle musing, the target of the comments can be embarrassed or hurt. A friend of mine decided to trace a damaging story about himself back to its source. He asked one man after another, “Where did you hear this?” Seventeen pastors later, he finally found the person who had originated the tale. This fellow admitted he had speculated aloud regarding a situation about which he knew little. A destructive chain reaction began with just one man jumping to a false conclusion while chatting with a friend.

Even if the victim never learns of the chit chat going on behind his or her back, gossip still has consequences. The people who spread a tale reveal their inner thinking: “For the mouth speaks out that which fills the heart,” (Matthew 12:34). A poisonous tongue flows with the jealousy, resentment, or pride residing inside.
Ask a few people to define gossip, and most will mention something about spreading rumors. That is correct, but it’s not the whole truth. Gossip includes any idle or malicious talk that harms someone else. 

Gossip has the power to hurt feelings, destroy reputations, and divide churches. We do not have the right to bring such damage into anyone’s life. In fact, God is the only one we should turn to when we hear a story. Those facing trials need prayer rather than tongues wagging over their misfortunes.

(by Dr. Charles Stanley in March, 2009 In Touch magazine)

“Lies will get any man into trouble,
but honesty is its own defense.”

“A fool is quick-tempered;
a wise man stays cool when insulted.”

“A good man is known by his truthfulness;
a false man by deceit and lies.”

“Some people like to make cutting remarks,
but the words of the wise soothe and heal.”

“Truth stands the test of time;
lies are soon exposed.”

“God delights in those who keep their promises,
and abhors those who don’t.”

"Stand" by K&K Mimes


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