Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life's Tough Ten 1.Interruptions

You woke up this morning like any other morning.  A big bowl of cereal and a fresh glass of orange juice gets your day off to a roaring start.  You hurry to the garage to get into your car and your cell phone's familiar ring tone goes off and you have to decide do I take it or just keep going on my day.  It's a beautiful morning and the sun is shining.  My desk is loaded and just waiting for me to tackle my tasks.

"I'll just take this one and head on my way".  It's the doctor's office and I wonder what they have to say?   "Hello this is Dr. Rosenthall, and we just got the results back from your test.  I'm sorry to say but growth on you abdomen was malignant!  We will have to do further tests but I think we've caught it early.  Please call my office in the morning and we will discuss the next steps." 

In just a split moment your whole world comes to a screeching halt!  He didn't really say what I thought he said, did he?  Not now...not me!  It can't be!  I'm going to San Diego on vacation this weekend!  What's going on?


Life would be wonderful if it wasn't for the interruptions that come creeping into every life like a slithering snake looking for some prey.  It's at times like these that you have a serious choice to make.  Do I give God apiece of my mind that I can't afford to lose....or do I in humble submission, trust that He knows how I feel and exactly what I need?  Do I trust that "His will is perfect" and "He will never leave me or forsake me"?  Will He carry me through the storm or will I try to carry myself?

As painful as they may be, interruptions are still part of the mysterious but perfect will of God for your life.  His will must be done as painful and disrupting as it may seem to be!  Interruptions can shake you but they don't have to break you!  If God is God, He will walk with you through every interruption in your life and you can still emerge victorious despite the painful blow you've just absorbed.

So grab His Hand!  Believe His Word!  Trust His Heart!  You are His child if you know Christ personally as your Savior!  Daddy will take care of you!  The journey may be long, but you can experience joy on the journey and show a unbelieving world how great God really is, if you choose to trust God during the interruptions of life! 

Listen to this Word of encouragement by Joseph Stowell on handling the interruptions of life.  You are never alone!

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  1. Has an interruption intruded into your life? What choices are you making? Will you grab His Hand...and someone with skin too! God is great and He is in control. You have been chosen for a special mission. Tears today can be turned to shouts of joy tomorrow if you believe Him and Trust Him.