Tuesday, May 31, 2011


from "When God Says Wait" by Darryl Harris on amazon.com

“Be strong and very courageous…be not afraid or dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”!  Joshua 1:9

Christianity is not a religion
     It is not a ritual
            It is not a right of passage
                  Christianity is a relationship that’s real!

There is no way you can have a relationship with anyone, without spending extended and emotionally involved time together.  Time spent sharing the deepest complexities of your heart, one on one, soul to soul, in a way intimacy and ultimately harmony can be experienced in its fullness.  It’s very difficult for this to happen in the middle of a cheering crowd, on the bleachers of your kid’s high school football game.  It won’t happen as the doors open for the Super Saturday sale at the local Macy’s department store.  Intimacy only comes from time alone with God, interacting with His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’ve learned, as we “stand on the rock” waiting for Jesus to emerge victorious in our life’s drama, that there are 8 things we must do to experience the wonder of His grace and the peace that passes all understanding.

REJOICE…  in the attributes of Jesus 
He’s so holy
     He’s so glorious
He’s all-powerful
     He’s all knowing
He’s everywhere at all times
       He’s marvelous and magnificent
He’s gracious and good
       He’s loving and longsuffering
He’s tender and tender hearted
       He’s the light of the world and the light of my life
He’s fully man and fully God
      He’s Jesus!

REQUEST… the mercy of Jesus
Thank God He doesn’t give us what we truly deserve

RELAX… in the sovereignty of Jesus
He has all things under control

REST…  in the comforting hands of Jesus
There is truly no safer place you can be

REPENT… of the sins that drove Him to the cross
While you wait, change the direction in which you are walking and follow Him

RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE…   His name is Jesus Christ, your Savior
Don’t neglect the one who changed your life

RECAP …the highlights you’ve had with Jesus.
Write it down so you will never forget all of the great things He has done for you

REMEMBER…He’s immutable and will never change. “He will never leave or forsake you.”  His promises will endure forever.

Falling in Love With Jesus - Jonathan Butler and Kirk Whalum


  1. Everyday we should try to spend sometime alone with God! We all have 24hrs. Start small, 10-15 minutes in His Word (Him talking) and in Prayer (You talking) and see if your day has purpose and power! That's a relationship for real!

  2. So true. When we give time first to God, things on our to do list seem to be more manageable. And I love love love this song, has been one of my favorites for the last few years! God bless :)