Thursday, September 1, 2011

When Fear of Failure Strikes You

I've discovered that some of the most successful ventures, projects, inventions, ideas, were bathed in the sea of failure before they ever saw the light of success.  The fear of failure is one of our most difficult fears to overcome!

  • It's so embarrassing!
  • It's so humiliating!
  • I feel like such a failure!

These are all excuses we use that prevent us from ever achieving our desired destiny! Failure is not defeat! If that was the case then Moses, Abraham, Joseph, David, Peter and Paul were among the biggest failures of all time!  In many cases failure is simply a prerequisite to success, if you continue to trust God and refuse to give up!

McDonald's is the most successful fast food franchise of all times!  However, even Ray Croc and the men of the golden arches are familiar with the realities of failure!  Check out these product launches that never made it off the launching pad!

  • McLobster
  • McPizza
  • McSpaghetti
  • McHotDog
  • McDLT
  • McLean Deluxe
  • Big N' Tasty

For every Big Mac there were a string of failures but that didn't stop Mr. Croc from following his dream!

Unfortunately, we are quick to give up, or never try at all, because of the fear of failure.  It's no different in the Christian life!  God gives you a vision, a God-given dream, and we never take the first step, or quit when the threat of failure raises its ugly head.  All I can say to you is three simple words...NEVER GIVE UP!

Rick Warren, best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life, and Pastor of the incredible mega-church, Saddleback, was asked what was the secret to his success?  He replied with some life changing advice that I have taken to heart in my own life.  Rick went on to say that at Saddleback we come up with 10 new ideas.  Nine of them fail!  One idea succeeds and we write a best selling book about it!  You can't let the fear of failure stop you!

So what have you tried that didn't succeed at first, second or even third try?  Success may be just around the corner if you refuse to give up!  God is not on our timetable!  But He's always right on time!  His time!

As a senior in high school I wrote a saying that I live by which motivates me to continue on when failure comes knocking on my door.  "It's better to try and not succeed, than to be among those of faint of heart, who didn't have the faith and courage to try at all"  

So don't let the fear of failure cause you to give up on your dream before time!  Who just may be the next Ray Croc with a new McDonald size creation!  Remember, God does not give us the spirit of fear, and He uses failure in the life of His children to strengthen them in life's journey towards success.  If you are a Christian, never forget this fact.  At the end of His book, the Holy Bible, His Word to us, in the end no matter how much failure you may experience...WE WIN!!! So Press On! Don't let the fear of failure defeat you in anything you do for the Lord!

Stephen Hurd - My Destiny (excuse some of the sound)

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  1. Has failure prevented you from stepping out in faith to pursue the dream God placed in your heart? Don't let fear of failure stop you!