Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Thorn in My Flesh by Darryl Harris

In 2007 when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I wrote this story as part of my book, When God Says Wait!  Six years later I can say my relationship with Christ has grown stronger, despite the daily struggles I encounter.  Each day is an adventure, but one I look forward to, because it's another opportunity to encourage someone else!

As the great Lou Gehrig once said, "I consider myself the most "blessed"man on the face of the earth!

Whatever, you are going through today, whatever your personal thorn in the flesh may be, remember... God is in control, and His plan for your life is perfect!  He will never leave you or fail you!  But, He wants you to trust Him on this journey called life!  May these words encourage you to take that next step one day at a time in faith!

The Thorn in My Flesh
Can take my legs, but can’t take my legacy!

Can take my feet, but can’t take my desire to take the gospel to lost people!

Can take my hearing, but can’t take away my ability to hear
from God!

Can touch my body, but can’t touch my spirit!

Can cloud my eyes, but can’t cloud the vision given me by God!

Can steal my happiness, but it can’t steal my joy!

Can make me walk with a cane, but can’t stop me from walking
with Christ!

Can cause indescribable pain, but can’t prevent indescribable peace that comes from prayer!

Can change the altitude I fly, but can’t change the attitude
I choose!

Can surround me with fear, but can’t stop me from responding
in faith!

Can make life uncomfortable, but it can’t make life unrewarding!

Can change how I preach, but can’t change my desire to pastor and teach!

Can change my ability to play, but can’t change my ability to enjoy others playing!

Can cause me to move like an older man, but can’t take away status as a child of God!

Can make life difficult, but can’t change my ability to make a difference!

Can cause friends to stay away, but it can’t take away the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit!

So I take… one day at a time.

And I walk…one step at a time.

By the grace of God…

I will live my life with Excitement!

I will run my race with Endurance!

I will live for Christ with Enthusiasm!

I will love others with Empathy!

I will minister to others with Encouragement!

My goal is to be among the one in ten who finish strong.

So I run and I praise God who will carry me to the finish line!

God is Always Up to Something Good by Hart Ramsey

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  1. Has God given you a thorn in your flesh, that just like Paul, you have to learn to live with at least for now? How's your attitude? Don't give up, look up and know God's plan for your life is ultimately for your good!