Saturday, February 27, 2010

To the Love of my Life - Happy Birthday!

Tanya F. Harris - February 28th

Tanya, I just wanted to take time to say thank you for all that you have meant to me over the years. As I was praying this morning, the Lord impressed upon me to stop talking about what you are going to do, and just do it! One thing was to send you this note to let you know how special you are to me.

I mean what I’ve said that my greatest accomplishment was convincing you to marry me. There is nothing else close. I believe the reason our bond is so secure, is because through everything we’ve been through, we’ve always trusted Jesus Christ to eventually work things out. I know that without a doubt you trust the Lord, and that is the glue to our relationship. You’ve made me a much better person. I hate to think what I would have become without you.

I just wanted to tell you that this past year has been such a marvelous display of your true beauty, that I just sit back in amazement and say “Lord, why am I so blessed”. Sometimes I believe I’m just living a dream and you are the “dreamgirl” that we saw on Broadway years ago. I truly believe that God wanted us together since the first day we met. You thought I was just a brother from the east coast, but I thought you were a gem from the Midwest whom God placed in my life as a precious jewel. You have been shining brightly ever since. I’ve seen you shine when others would fade. I’ve seen you love when others would leave. I’ve seen you give when others would take. I’ve seen you live a life of sacrifice and service. A life that God could say “WELL DONE”!

When I was in our bedroom with you as you got dressed, you asked me what was I looking at? To be honest, what I saw was a beautiful woman, who has combined physical, and spiritual beauty with incredible strength handed down from her mom, who has blessed my life and made it special beyond my wildest dreams.

Celebrating your birthday is really not fair. For all you do, you deserve to be celebrated everyday of the year for the rest of your life. You have blessed me and others in so many ways. May this day remind you how special you are to me. I pledge to spend the rest of my life making the dreams of your life come true too!

When I First Saw You from Dreamgirls

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  1. That is so special. What a blessing. God is so Good 8-)