Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Lies Young Black Men Believe

1. I Can Do It Myself!
The truth is No You Can’t!

You can probably do some things but you can’t do it all. Just try! In the life of a young black man, it really does “take a village”. Young man, you need a team around you who has the experience to help you make it over the hurdles you’re about to face in life. Even Batman had Robin!

2. School Is Not That Important!
The truth is…in today’s economy, school is more important than ever before!

We are in the middle of a global recession, and affirmative action is no longer a “safety net” for African Americans. You need to be equipped to compete in this new economy and education is critical so you will have the tools necessary to be able to compete in this difficult arena!

3. It’s Not Cool to be Smart!
The truth is…being uneducated has never been cool!

Don’t let peer pressure cause you to accept being less than your best. Momentary popularity is not the goal. When people laugh because you can’t read, write, or do math, that’s not cool! Some may be laughing with you now, but the ones who can will be laughing at you later!

4. Things and Money will Make You Happy!
The truth is…things and money and stuff in and of themselves have never brought lasting happiness!

They weren’t designed to do so. Things and money are not bad; just don’t make the mistake of making them your God. Happiness depends on circumstances. Joy can be experienced despite external circumstances. Look for things that last. At a funeral, I never saw a hearse pulling a U-haul! Think about it!

5. But I Deserve Stuff!
The truth is…you have to earn stuff!

Thank God he doesn’t give us what we really deserve. The bible says, “If a man doesn’t work, he shouldn’t eat”. That doesn’t sound like a welfare mentality to me. When you earn your stuff through hard work, you’ll appreciate your stuff and attempt to take care of your stuff! God says it’s all my stuff anyway! I just want you to be a good manager of MY stuff!

6. Talent is more Important than Effort!
The truth is…talent can get you in the door, but hard work and effort can keep you in the door!

Lebron James has incredible talent, but he and Kobe Bryant are also the hardest workers on their teams. They know the game better than all others also. God gives us the talent we have. It’s up to us to develop that talent through a strong work effort. The world is full of talented failures. Your goal should be to do the very best you could to maximize the talent you’ve been blessed with.

7. What I Watch and Listen to has no Effect on my Behavior!
The truth is…whatever controls your mind, controls you!

Advertisers, music producers, and marketers are spending millions to gain control of how you think and it appears that they are succeeding! This is a war we must win. You are in control of what you see and listen too, and the old saying is “garbage in…garbage out! Pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, crime is all on the increase among young black men. Please don’t believe this lie!

8. Everybody’s having Sex, Why not me!
The truth is…everyone talking about sex isn’t having sex!

Most young brothers are lying about their sexual exploits with young women, and those who are having sex are many times paying a price you really don’t want to pay. Sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, dreams deferred. Momentary pleasure outside of the will of God always brings life altering consequences. Ask yourself … is it worth it, especially when most teens are lying anyway?

9. Respecting Elders is not that Important!
The truth is…elders in your life deserve your respect and appreciation!

If you only realized the sacrifices made for you in prior generations, you would never disrespect any elder in your life! People went before you so that you might enjoy the life you have today, even if it isn’t the life of your friends and dreams. How will you ever earn respect if you can’t give it to those who have earned it? Respect is the least you can give. If you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, you are among the richest young men in the world!

10. I can do this Without God!
The truth is…that is the devil’s greatest lie of all!

Young man, don’t you realize that without God you can't breathe, you can’t see, you can’t talk or you can’t walk! God is the creator and sustainer of us all and we need to recognize that without Him we would have nothing. The enemy wants you to think that’s for old people! You have time! But even tomorrow is not guaranteed! Life is a gift. How you spend it is your gift back to God. Paul told us that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, but remember the flip side is that “without Him, you can do nothing”!



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