Monday, May 3, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day Without Mother

As a pastor, we love to celebrate moms on Mother's Day.  However, I realize for many this is a very difficult day, because their own mother is no longer with them.  My heart goes out to everyone who has lost their Mother!

Pastor Chuck Swindoll's sister Lucy gives the following great advice to encourage those who have lost their mom as Mother's Day approach.  Why don't you give her advice a try and see if the Lord restores to you some of the joy you experienced under that special person in your life!

1. Share funny stories with your family of funny things your mother did or said.

2. Cook for your family one of your mother's best dishes.

3. Sing some of her favorite songs with your family.

4. Write a poem that recalls her good qualities, even if it is the "Roses are Red" kind.

5. Plant a tree in her honor.

6. Show your family photos of mother, taken at fun times in her life, to family members.

7. Place flowers in your church to honor her.

8. Write ten lessons that you learned from your mother.

9. Do something special for someone else's mom, such as giving a gift, making a call to tell her she is special or cooking something for her.

10. Try to embody and live out the good qualities you saw in her.

My prayer for those who have lost their mother is that by doing some of these things, God will fill the void in your heart with joy by placing your focus on the positive thing she brought to your life.  Give it a try.  Remember if your mom knew the Lord, she is not lost!  God has never lost any of His children.

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