Friday, July 16, 2010

Do You Have a Vision Statement for Your Family?

Every family needs their own personal Family Vision Statement! Here is an example.  I challenge you to take a few minutes and develop one for each area of your family's life.  It will be time well spent.  Years later you will look back and see how you did.  Take the challenge today!

To develop my family in a biblically-centered way so that each member maximizes his or her full potential in Christ.

I.  Spiritual LifeTo make sure each member of my family is maturing in their Christian faith.

A.  Church Worship
  •     To regularly attend church as a family and review what has been learned.
  •     To be actively involved in a ministry of the church.
  •     To develop a relationship with another family in the church with similar interests as ours.

B.  Family Worship
  •     To pray as a family on a weekly basis.
  •     To have a family worship time on a weekly basis.
  •     To have a special spiritual retreat on an annual basis.

C.  Personal Worship
  •    To set aside at least 15 minutes for personal devotions, and 30 minutes for bible study daily.
  •    To teach my children how to develop a personal devotional life by the time they are teenagers. 
  •    To meet with, or lead a small group on a weekly basis.

II.  Recreational LifeTo promote meaningful fellowship and relationships that build up the members of the family.

·      To romantically date my wife at least twice a month.
·      To have a family outing at least once a month.
·      To take a family vacation annually.
·      To have at least two weekend getaways with my wife annually.
·      To spend personal time with each child monthly.
·      To make at least one affirming statement to each member of my family daily.
·      To spend time talking to my wife daily about key life issues.
·      To work out at least three times weekly for my, and wife’s physical well-being.
·      To provide recreational activities for my children at least twice per week.
·      To spend time each month with another Christian couple or family.

III.  Financial LifeTo be financially secure and stable.

·      To be debt free within two years, except for house, and car.
·      To pay off the house in twenty years or less.
·      To develop a family business in the next 2 years.
·      To develop a college education investment fund for my children.
·      To support the church and selected ministries on a consistent and substantial basis.
·      To use my finances as a means to bless family members and others.
·      To teach my children how to give, save and spend.

IV.  Education and CareerTo maximize the opportunities and abilities of each member of the family.

·      To sharpen my skills  move to the next level in my occupation over the next three years.
·      To allow my wife to continue to develop her skills, while maintaining family stability.
·      To make sure my children are growing as students, and completing all school assignments.
·      To pursue higher Biblical Education within the next three years.
·      To fulfill God’s Call to ministry in my life.
·      To develop ministry and spiritual gifts within the context of the local church.
·      To read at least one book per month related to job or ministry.

V.  Community LifeTo contribute to the stability, progress, and development of the community in which I live.

·      To miss no more than two PTA meetings annually in my children’s schools.
·      To be involved in one quality community organization that helps others as well as provides the opportunity for Christian witnessing.
·      To be a registered  voter who participates in every election that affects my community.
·      To get to know some of my neighbors personally.  


Will you begin to write your family vision statement today?

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