Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keys to Setting God-Given Goals

I’ve discovered that there are four keys to setting God-given goals in your life.  They can be easily remembered in the following acronym:

P  - Pray!  The process of setting God-given goals begins on your knees!  As you communicate with the one who created you with sincerity, He will communicate His purpose for your life!

LLearn!  The process of setting God-given goals continues in the classroom!  This classroom can be a school building or in private study.  However, you must invest the time to become an expert in whatever endeavor you are attempting to achieve!

A Access!  The process of setting God-given goals takes major steps to becoming a reality when you honestly access just what it will take to make this happen in your life.  The bible calls this “counting the cost”!  Goals become reality when you determine that you are willing to do everything you can do to make them happen with integrity!

NNow!  The process of setting God-given goals leaps into action when we determine that this process starts today!  Many goals have been detoured because of personal procrastination!  If God has lets you know what goals to set in you life, don’t delay.  Begin the process right now!

So we see, that the process of setting God-given goals starts when you implement His personal P.L A.N.!  To achieve your goals from God, remember, planning is not a dirty word

Listen to this amazing presentation and remember who you are setting your goals for!
Amena Brown

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