Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking the Time to Say Thank You in the New Year

For the majority of my adult life I have been blessed by the incredible bible teaching of men like Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Adrian Rogers, John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, Tony Evans and so many other gifted teachers of the Word of God.  Through the wonder of Moody Radio and other fine Christian broadcast networks, these men have imparted godly wisdom which has strengthened my walk with Christ daily.

Just as licking salt by a horse encourages thirst for the pleasures only water can bring, these men have been the salt in my life which has  has encouraged me to dive into the depths of the water of God's Word for myself, quenching my thirst for Christ through the scriptures.

But as we enter the new year of 2011, and we face another year of aging , I truly realize that most of these men are rounding third base in their lives, and will soon be off the scene.  A new generation of anointed teachers will be needed to carry the gospel baton to transform lives for the glory of God.

Adrian Rogers has gone to be with the Lord leaving an incredible legacy behind.  Most of these men are in their late 60's and several have experienced life's physical trials.  As I watch Charles Stanley on TV still powerfully preaching the Word, sitting down to conserve energy, it reminds me that others must step up and "stand in the gap,  proclaiming the Word without compromise to a new thirsty generation.

If you have been spiritually blessed by a godly teacher in your life you have a great reason to give thanks to God for the new year.  However, as the old year passes away, and the new year dawns, won't you take some time to thank the Lord for all the godly influences He has placed in your life.  So many times we take these blessing for granted until they have passed away, and then it is too late to every say thank you for being a blessing in my life.  Not that they are looking for it...but because they deserve a tangible token of your appreciation.

By doing that,  I believe you will enjoy the new experiences God places in your path this year in a deeper way.  Don't take the spiritual blessings in your life for granted.  Tears of sorrow will never replace golden memories of thanks and appreciation that the Lord may be asking you to give someone as you enter the new year anticipating new spiritual blessings in this new season!

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