Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 Steps to Managing a Key Life Change

Life is all about transitions! The only thing you can count on in life outside of eternal security in Christ, is that change is always around the corner!  Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest as a gift from God, but the Lord is more concerned about your character than your comfort.  His desire is that we continually be conformed to the image of His Son, and either allows or uses change to help in the reshaping process. The ultimate goal is to be more and more like Christ each day. The goal is not perfection, normally correction, all as a result of your selection of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!  As the "boss" He can do whatever He chooses to do to make you more like Him in every area of your life!

In basketball, how a team makes the transition from offense to defense usually dictates the outcome of most plays.  In life, how we transition from the days of our youth, to the inevitable time when the body starts to slow down, can make a big difference in your quality of life.   Smoothly making this transition requires at least 4 key decisions you must be ready to incorporate into your "new" lifestyle:

  1. let what you can't do, prevent you from achieving what you can! 
  2. Accept...that time stops for nobody!
  3. Trust... that God's strength is greater than your weakness!
  4. Enjoy... each day as a new gift from God!

If you are currently going through this life transition, how would your RATE, your life right now?  Would you give yourself an A?  Maybe a C?  Unfortunately an F?   The good news is that you can emerge victorious by simply applying these four action steps in your life.  The decision is yours.  Don't let this transition trip you up and prevent you from taking the next step in your life with with grace, peace, and joy!  You may be getting older but you can still get better!

The Sounds of Blackness - (from days in Minneapolis/church)

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  1. Every day we get older, but God wants you to get better everyday! Make that change gracefully!