Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Must Haves for Every Serious Christian

There are just certain thing you must have in the Christian life in this new generation!  Now this is not the list you will be taught in Dallas Theological Seminary, but these come from the school of Real Life!  This list doesn't come from some "Christian Superstar" or "Icon".  This list is for those who want to learn and live the Christian life and understand the truth of God's Word in a world where technology is changing by the hour! 

There is so much "foolishness" being promoted in the Christian life today.  Style and preference is one thing, but how about some 21st Century basics to help a person live a productive life for Christ!  Well here we go.... it probably won't be what you expect:

  • John MacArthur Study Bible - Must have for home study!

  •  Macbook Pro or iPad - Once you go Mac you never go back!

  • iPHONE - If you have a Mac, get a iPhone to go!

  • WORDsearch 9 - Great bible software for 21st Century!

  • Download Kindle App - Books, newspapers, magazines at your fingertips!

  • Download YouVersion Bible App - Free for all phones, pads and notebooks!  Would have cost hundreds ten years ago!

  • Solid Bible Teaching Church Home - Size doesn't matter!  Truth & Vision does! Good pastors make a difference!

  • Itunes and XM Satellite Radio - For all your gospel music needs!

  • Download App - Hear the Word from the top teachers at your convenience!

  • Friends and Family - We need people who will be there for us at all times!

I could easily name 100 things but, this is a good start.  Most are free or almost, and if they cost, just get the best you can afford! 

Make sure you use them in a way that honors God, and in the end, don't use your friends and family
  • Be a Blessing to them! - That's what God created you for!  
  • Share everything you have with someone who may not have it and hold things loosely! - As Chuck Swindoll says "that way it won't hurt if God takes it out of your hands"!  
  • Remember, you can always have Jesus! He will never leave you!  Take it to the bank!

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