Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just One Special Day

Of all the days in the year, one day has a very special meaning in my life.  Most people don't think much of February 28th!  One day before the last day of March unless it's leap year, but for me it was the beginning of something very special in my life!

The world may not realize it, but on this day some years ago, God brought into this world a very special person who just happens to be my wife Tanya!  As our song in the Broadway play Dreamgirls goes, "when I first saw, I said, Oh my, Oh my, that's a dream, that's my dream"! Happy Birthday, Tanya!

Just like a rain drop in the ocean of life, what seems so insignificant to most can mean the world to you when God quietly splashes a special someone in your life!  As we grow stronger together, I'm reminded to never take for granted the simple blessings God drops into your life.  Those simple blessings can become the crowing moments in your existence, when the Lord brings special people in your life, for time and eternity!  My queen is the crown of my life, and I owe her thanks and appreciation for choosing to share her life with me.  Through the good and the bad,  the happy and sad, we have shared wonderful moments of a lifetime to reflect upon.

Thank you Lord for blessing me in such a beautiful way!  I don't deserve it,  but I thank you for it.  So on her birthday, I want her to enjoy this day as the start of another year, being a vessel God has sent  our way to change our lives in such a beautiful way.  Remember, one drop from God, can be the crowing jewel in your life, for His glory!

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  1. Always remember the special days of blessing in your life and thank the Lord for them!