Monday, April 22, 2013

When God Says..."YO"!

I believe being a "hardhead" is a chronic illness in America today.  Unfortunately, this is especially true even among Christians!  In fact, I'm pressed to believe that if the Lord Himself, was standing in front of us, giving specific instructions on living the Christian life, many of us still would not listen!

We live in a world where "knowing it all" is worn as a badge of honor!  We will stand for anything, and fall for everything, simply because of a hard head!  When we make a mistake, instead of admitting it and moving in a new direction, many times we hold on to our beliefs and opinions simply for the sake of being right!  What a shame!

But God in His grace and mercy has given us 66 books, called the Bible, where His clearly understood Word can be read, and applied to our lives.  However, the pressure to be right or listen to other voices can sometimes be an  overwhelming obstacle! Because of this "chronic illness", God sometimes has to send trials of adversity into our lives simply to get our attention... and scream... "Yo ___" from heaven!  I want you to do things my way!

What we need to realize is that God's way is :
  • Always Right! 
  • Always Best! and 
  • Always Right on Time!

Has God been trying to get your attention on an important situation in your life?  Has God sent a trial of adversity that seems to have no purpose at all?  Have you refused to pick up His Word on a regular basis and find out for yourself what He has to say about that puzzling situation you are facing!  Are you simply being a "hardhead", and is God screaming "Yo ____" as loud as He can, right in your ear!

  • Remember He loves You!  John 3:15-18  
  • Remember He cares! 1 Peter 5:7
  • Remember He has a plan! Jeremiah 29:11

So do yourself a favor, and put down your pride, and pick up His Word!  If you don't know where to turn, check the table of contents in the front, or the subject index in the back!  As you do that, you will be surprised that over time the screaming will cease, and your understanding will increase from spending time with the Lord, your God!

Then always remember these words of admonition from my grandma as you do so... "a hard head, makes for a soft behind"!  God bless you as you turn His Yo ____, into... Yes Lord, I'm now listening!

Speak to My Hear by Donnie McClurkin

God's is up to Something Great by Tony Evans

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  1. Is God screaming Yo______ at you? Are you facing a situation that even you don't understand? Do you have a "hard head" or a "soft heart"? Are you willing to listen to God's Word? Don't say NO... when God says YO!