Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Choice for Miami - Ohio

People ask why did my son pick Miami-Ohio to play college basketball.  Afterall, they play in the mid-major MAC conference.  Competitive but never great.

Well he could have gone to a "bigger" school but we received great advice from a good friend who is the top Assistant Coach at University of Florida.  He said "go somewhere they LOVE YOU!  Coach Charlie Coles is a living legend who LOVED Jon.

Miami has a BEAUTIFUL campus and GREAT academics.  Not too far from home but far enough.  Great basketball history and play a tough schedule (14th toughest in USA this year.  My brother Ron said yes and that was enough for us.

He has a chance to make an impact and get a good education.  What more could a parent ask for?  Take a look and check it out for yourself.  I just say "have a great time"!

Miami Ohio University Redhawks Basketball

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