Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mark Jackson's Irresistable Calling To Preach God's Word

When I served as Associate Chaplain of the Cleveland Cavaliers the on player that stood out to me above all was Mark Jackson of the NewYork Knicks.  He was so serious about Jesus Christ.  Most players who come to Chapel really love the Lord.  They take the time before the game to sit through a 15 minute message with players from both team, but only a few go on to be Christian leaders on their team and city.  

Mark would always greet me with a hug, and come early just to talk a little more about Jesus.  Along with Alan Houston and Charlie Ward they formed them a powerful witness for Christ.   To see that Mark is now a Pastor is a thrill to behold.

He is also a key NBA analyst for ABC-TV, but his love for the Lord cannot be hidden.  Mark was more than just a great player, he was a great man with a great wife by his side, and a great God.  I pray the Lord will continue to use him in a powerful way in His new calling!  Would you pray for him too.


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  1. Alan Houston, David Robinson, Dikembe Mutombo, Wally Szerbiak, and others made an impact on this preacher with their faith in a league with very few believers! God Bless you as you move on in your life!