Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playing Saxaphone for the Lord - Greg Vail

In junior high school I played the clarinet for one reason only.  Just to sit next to a girl I liked.  She was good so I had to be good too or I would have sat in the back row.  But what I really wanted to play was the sax!  Today we are both married with kids,  but the love of the sax is still with me.  What if I had just taken the time.  Maybe today I could play like Greg Vail.  Gifted and a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ!

God probably knew I would get the big head and never follow Him, so I will just rejoice with Greg and others who play instruments so beautifully for the glory of the Lord!

I love sax players from Grover Washington, to Kenny G, and so many others, but playing "my instrument" for the Lord is so special!  May God Bless all of them and allow them to continue to play for Him.  Maybe in heaven I will finally get my chance to play for the Lord as well.  Enjoy the sounds!

Soprano Sax

Tenor Sax!

Even a Quick Flute Clip!

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