Monday, September 27, 2010

Never Give Up

It was the fourth quarter of my son's big game of his senior year against their arch rival.  Great game!  Three minutes left but they were losing by twelve with four minutes to go.  Their coach was about to throw in the towel and put in the bench.  I was sitting behind the bench watching this moment about to unfold.  Suddenly I yelled out from my bleacher seat...YOU DON'T GIVE UP! YOU DON'T GIVE UP!

Next time down the court my 6ft8' son hits a deep three pointer! YOU DON'T GIVE UP! Turnover.  Back down the court my son hits another deep three pointer, and it's a six point game!  I yell out again...YOU DON'T GIVE UP!  A missed shot, and back down the court. Then from deep in the corner, with fifty seconds to go in the game, my son hits yet another three pointer! YOU DON'T GIVE UP!  YOU DON'T GIVE UP, I yelled!  A three point game with little time to go!

I sure wish I could tell you they came back and won the game, but I can't!  Down by three, with less than ten seconds to go, he steals the ball and then...dribbles the ball off his foot...out of over!  But I have to tell you this ... I have never been so proud of a kid or a team as I was at that moment.  They didn't win the game...but THEY DIDN'T GIVE UP!  Life lesson learned!!  GOD JUST WANTS OUR VERY BEST!

Now don't tell me you haven't!  But tell me the truth.
  • Have you ever wanted to give up!
  • Throw in the towel!
  • Say I'm out of here!
If you haven't you're either a not telling the truth, or just haven't lived long enough to realize that the Christian life is not a sprint.  It's a marathon with high hurdles!
Facing the Giants Movie - "Death Crawl"

When you do get to that point in your life...and you will... I want you to take a moment and think what this life and this world would be like if Jesus had made that decision to give up!  We would be still lost in our sins, with no hope of eternal life and no help for this life we now live and even endure!  There would be no joy, only phoney moments of laughter masquerading the hidden pain beneath the plastic smiles!

But Praise God... HE DIDN'T GIVE UP!  He chose to endure the cross because He loved people like you and me and was totally obedient to His Father above!   So no matter where you are today I urge you to take one more step!   And as you do just humble yourself and cry out...I need you Lord!  You know you can't make it without Him!  The good news is this... for the believer in Christ... He's just one step away!  NEVER GIVE UP!

We Need You Lord by Jonathan Butler

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