Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day of Joy in the Journey!

Someone asked me why do we celebrate five years as a new church start.  Well there are many reasons:
  • Ensure that future generations never forget!
  • Rejoice in what God has accomplished!
  • Remember the good times and the tough times!
  • Remind yourself how dependent you are on God!
  • Thank people for their support since the first day!
  • Allow people to breathe and get ready for the next five years!
I also believe there are seven things that the Lord wants us to do as we approach the next five year as a church body:
  1. Explore new possibilities!
  2. Focus on new ministries!
  3. Invest in new facilities!
  4. React quickly to new opportunities!
  5. Develop future priorities!
  6. Challenge future enemies!
  7. Prepare for our future destiny!
Some of our keys will be:
  • Prayer
  • Stewardship
  • Unity
  • Evangelism
We can't get discouraged and we can't get distracted.  Our leaders will have to:
  • Reach
  • Teach
  • Train
  • Trust
  • Equip
  • Pray
  • Sacrifice
We have been Witnesses to the Grace of the Past!
We have been Captured by the Grace of God in the Present!
We have now Committed to the expansion of the Grace of the Future!

So I ask you to:
  • Remember the journey!
  • Remember the struggle!
  • Remember to give thanks!
  • Remember your name!.......ABUNDANT GRACE!


Happy 5th Anniversary Abundant Grace

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