Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dreams Do Come True...Happy 25th Lauren!

 In the past few years I've only asked God for a few things.  Of course I was excited to see my church turn five years old.  When my son grew to 6ft 8 and eventually signed a college scholarship it was exciting.  When his twin, my younger daughter was an early acceptance into college a few months later, it was a major milestone I was thrilled to behold.  But one thing I asked God for as I laid prone on my hospital bed a couple of years ago was Lord..."would you let me walk my oldest daughter down the isle when she said yes to the man who would take my place in her life."  I didn't know what His answer would be, but as the day approaches in a few months, I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm an oldest child, and I truly believe there is something about your oldest that will bind you together forever!  Of course you love all your children and will do all you can to support each one without favoritism, but you shared some things with the first that can never be repeated.

The sweat on your brow as you waited anxiously for her to emerge into this world will never be replaced.
  • When her first words were daddy...it was priceless.
  •  As I dropped her off for Kindergarden and watched her walk into the school, I couldn't stop the tears from falling even though she was smiling!
  • Going to the first musical concert and dance recital were special for her mom, but quietly the joy in the heart of a dad could not be ignored!
  • As I watched her dance to Michael Jackson, and bring home her first A on the report card it was truly a special moment!
  • As I taught her how to shoot a basketball, and see that turn into a opportunity to play on the college level.
  • When they called her name from John Carroll U. as the new member of the company of educated person with her degree it touch my heart!
But I believe to walk her down the isle will be a moment that will last forever, because it is the end of an era and beginning of a bright new season that holds both potential and fears that must be lived out if the baton of life is to be properly passed on to this next generation.  And she will once again be first to travel this path.

When life closes the door of the final chapter in my life, there will be no regrets of not spending more time in the office, or even on another pricey road trip in my business career.  The only regret will be if my daughter doesn't remember the deep love I had for her every step of the way as I pass her off to another man who will rightly hold first place in her life.

I must admit...

  • I hope she remembers our father/daughter road trip to LaCrosse, and Eau Claire, WI, with her as my special business trip partner!
  • I hope she remembers times at Disney and riding up the arch in St. Louis, and the beautiful harbor in Baltimore!
  • I hope she remembers her special snow suit for the cold of Minnesota, and her swim suits in the warm pools of Tampa!
  • I hope she remembers I kept my promise to keep her in the same high school for four years no matter what it costs me!

But most of all I hope she remembers when she said yes to Jesus Christ as her Savior, and her attempt to live a life of purity for Him. She might even remember that her dad was called by Christ to serve Him over money, and serve his family as best he could.  I know I didn't get an A in that subject like she did, but I at least tried to get perfect attendance.

So when the preacher asks who gives this woman to be married to this man,  I will proudly say "I do".  But in my heart I know it wasn't me.  It was the Lord who brought us both this far, and has a brand new world ahead for her.  This time any tears shed will be tears of joy because the Lord has once again been faithful to me and answered another one of my deepest prayers!

So as she turns 25 today, I say thank you Lord for 25 beautiful years that have just passed, and thank you for many beautiful years ahead for a very special little girl in my life!  Who says dreams don't come true?

Can I get one last Dance?

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