Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Modeling Quiet Strength - Tony Dungy

I wrote a book called When God Says Wait.  Waiting in our society is considered a weakness.  People hate to wait!  Even waiting on God!

You must be too weak to lead if you are quiet.  Quietness is also considered a weakness.  But I've discovered that it takes more strength to remain silent and wait on God, than to boldly proclaim your power and demonstrate it with loud talking, loud walking, and loud living! 

God's timing is rarely our timing!  I would rather wait on God and be late to man, than move too quickly without clearly hearing from God what He wants you to do.    I would rather suffer with Christ than gain the world with man without hearing from God first!

The bible tells us that meekness is not weakness!  It's actually strength under control!  Very few model this attribute but those who do make an impact that few can match.  One such man who models this with incredible results is former coach Tony Dungy.  His strength may look like weakness to some but to God it's strength He can use for His glory!

Listen to Tony talk about his book, Quiet Strength.  My prayer is that I could model this type of strength in my life and ministry.  Tony is one of the strongest men I know and is a role model to me.  May God Bless those who model this type of strength in a world who thinks the world would run over them if they exercise strength this way.  Wait on God and model strength His way! 

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  1. Now you can see why "quiet" Coach Dungy is such a strong role model and strong witness for the Lord!