Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Write When So Few Read?

Now that's a great question, especially when it comes to "people of color".  Statistics indicate that we read at a much lower percentage than people of most other ethnic groups.  If Oprah doesn't give her "blessing", you may be writing to an audience of one. 

But why should that stop you from exercising your God-given gift?  The amount of readers doesn't determine the quality of your content and it's potential impact on the few who do read it.  If what you write makes a difference in just one life, I say keep the presses rolling!

As a Christian, your audience of one is actually God himself!  You want to make Him look good, and make Him smile!  That alone should be reward enough!  Your correct use of God's gift may not make you wealthy, but may make you worthy of His divine... "Well Done"!

So "write on" my brothers and sisters!  Best selling Christian author Rick Warren was asked how did Saddleback Church become so successful?  His reply raised some eyebrows.  He responded with sincerity, "We try ten ideas, nine fail, and only one usually experiences success"  THEN WE WRITE A BOOK ABOUT IT!

One of the keys in life is to not be afraid to fail!  Failure in your eyes may be success in God's, and He is the ultimate judge and jury.  Here are three keys to remember as a Christian author however:

  • Make sure you are writing from your heart!
  • Make sure your heart's desire is to touch someone else heart!
  • Make sure your heart is in line with the heart of God!
If you write for the right reason, in the right season, and for the purpose of pleasing God,  He just may use your words for eternal purposes!  Come to think of it, an attitude of gratitude just may determine the altitude your book may fly if you just have the courage to try!

One of my favorite songs! Inspires Me!


  1. Excellent! What a simple truth, yet so profound. Every Christian writer needs to hear this. I'm reposting this. Thank you, Pastor Darryl :)

  2. I agree Lori...I also think that these words apply to all areas of life...not just writing.

    We are so driven on a measure of success by the standards of man that we sometimes forget the ONE that we need to please.

    In this there is much freedom and peace.

    thank you.


  3. "God is your audience of one." Thank you for reminding me of this essential truth.